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Brother 1034D Mechanical Sewing Machine

Brother 1034D Mechanical Sewing Machine screenshot. Sewing Machines directory of Home Appliances.
Overall Rating: Brother 1034D Mechanical Sewing Machine rating (4.63/5) (74 total reviews)


Product Reviews 
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Great Machine
by jo1982, Mar 20, 2009
Pros: Cheap, easy to use, great for beginners!
Cons: Threading is a little tricky, but gets easier with practice.
The Bottom Line: This is a great serger for a beginner, it works great and is lots of fun to use!
Review: I purchased my Brother 1034D from Since I had not used a serger in years, I was nervous ...
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Good Serger... When it Works!
by princess_angie, Mar 8, 2008
Pros: Easy to thread, color coded system, easily adjustable foot tension
Cons: Not reliable, no storage for accessories
The Bottom Line: Don't waist your time buying this machine!
Review: This serger is total crap! I bought it so that I can do my school project at home instead of walking ...
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I Love this Serger
by katiesews, Oct 2, 2007
Pros: Threading, price, ease of use
Cons: no coverstitch (on expensive models)-you may not miss it - twin needle for same look
Review: This serger works great, and has a great price too. Several feet are included (check to make sure no ...
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I Finally Own A Serger
by clamqueen, Jun 4, 2007
Pros: Inexpensive and easy to use
Cons: None that I've found!
Review: I've had this serger for about 3 weeks now. What a dream to sew on. You can't beat it for the price. ...
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Love this product!!
by rae10rae, Aug 19, 2006
Pros: Easy to use, low cost.
Cons: Can be finicky about settings. Must be EXACT in order to achieve correct stitch.
Review: This serger is wonderful. I have yet to try something on it that it cannot do. I got this machine tw ...
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Oh Brother, this is a nice machine! The Brother 1034D
by coops32, Mar 23, 2006
Pros: Cheap, cheap, cheap, lots of function for price, fast, quiet
Cons: Instructional CD's not so helpful, no cover stitch
The Bottom Line: This is a nice machine for the price and we get a ton of use out of it in this house.
Review: The Brother 1034D&#133.. A great serger to have around&#133. This is a great serger for someone wit ...
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Marginally Adequate
by heathera1970, May 29, 2003
Pros: Cheap, threads easy, good three and four thread over lock, and comes with a video.
Cons: Marginally adequate rolled hem, came with no oil, and low quality presser feet.
The Bottom Line: The 1034D Brother serger lacks overall quality. Though the over lock stitches are adequate, I would not recommend this machine to anyone, beginner or otherwise who can afford better.
Review: About two months ago, I was bitten by an overwhelming desire to serge. I sew for pleasure and to ma ...
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Great Serger for the non-professional
by jhagen, Feb 5, 2003
Pros: Easy to thread, Easy to use
Cons: Removing one needle is not easy. Rolled hems only work well on certain fabrics.
The Bottom Line: This is a great product for the advanced home sewer. Definitely worth the money. A great addition for any home sewer.
Review: Pros: Great serger. Does everything that the non-professional could need. Easy to use, easy to se ...
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Great Serger for the price!
by mtanner5, Nov 6, 2002
Pros: Price, good manual, easy threading
Cons: a little loud
The Bottom Line: Highly recommend for beginner to intermediate sewer. The manual is clear and well illustrated, the price is right, and it sews fine stiches.
Review: I bought this serger because it was within my budget, and I trust the Brother name. I have been ver ...
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Brother 1034D Serger
by CindyJean, Jun 29, 2002
Pros: 3/4 thread, simple to thread, quality brand
Cons: can't do everything --no serger can
The Bottom Line: For a low-cost serger, this machine can't be beat!
Review: Introduction I have it so easy. About a month ago my husband and I were laying in ...
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